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DMV History Check

Provide Vin Check buying tips on new and used car products and services. Guide on AutoCheck Used car history report, Kelley Blue Book, NADA and VIN number

Free VIN Check | VIN Number | AutoCheck | Kelley Blue Book | NADA


Free Legal Advice-Legal Forms Service provides legal aid resources: free legal advice, free legal forms and other documents,

attorney referral, legal articles, and legal research services.

To learn your legal rights, click a topic below and find the answers to your legal questions.

You can also ask legal questions online, legal consultation or attorney referral at Attorney Referral page.

Find a lawyer! Legal Advice on ANY Situation!

Attorney Referral - Legal Research - Legal Articles - Free Legal Forms - Glossary

  Free Legal Advice Resource



Discharge, liquidation, reorganization, repayment of debt, how to file, effects of bankruptcy, personal bankruptcy.


Service contracts, warranties, leases, employment contracts,
buy-sell agreements, consumer contracts,
home loans, rental

Debt and Credit

Bankruptcy, credit reports, discrimination in lending, credit cards, auto financing, and how to get a loan.


What consumers can do when products fail. How business can meet customer and government standards.


Safety in the workplace, working with disabilities, discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act, and sexual harassment.


How businesses can satisfy consumer demand and comply with government restrictions. What consumers can do to protect the environment.


Medical records, privacy issues, reproductive rights, health insurance, patient rights, medical malpractice.


Visas, asylum, permanent residency status, special employment rules for immigrants, marrying an alien, and passports and other citizenship documents.  

Injuries and Accidents

Workplace safety, automobile accidents, general tort law, workers compensations.


Health care, Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs, PPOs, managed care, retirees' rights, how to evaluate your health care needs and choose the best health care plan for you or your family.


Rental contracts, discrimination, security deposits, tenant safety, handling complaints, how to  avoid rental mistakes.

Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

Alternative dispute resolution, courtroom procedure, serving as a juror, testifying at a trial, arbitrating conflicts, employment grievances, how to hire a good a lawyer.

Marriage, Divorce and Children

Marriage, child support, paternity, special rules for non-custodial spouse, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright

The application process and the rights that come with filing a patent, trademark, and copyright, infringement, and how to maintaining your rights.

Personal Finance

Investing, mutual funds, special considerations for investing over the internet, home equity loans, how to select a financial institution, and how to prepare for retirement.

Real Estate

Buying and selling your home, mortgages, refinancing, discrimination in housing and lending.

Senior Citizens

What older Americans and their families need to know about housing and employment rights, retirement benefits, insurance, healthcare, nursing homes and other issues.

Small Business

Sole proprietorships, corporations, hiring and firing, partnerships, home-based businesses, licenses and permits.

Small Claims

Preparing claims, what to expect in court, objections, pursuing judgment, how to file claims and counterclaims.

Social Security Medicare and
Government Benefits

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, benefits, eligibility, retirement, disability, veterans' benefits.

Legal Documents ONLINE @ Legalzoom


Income tax tips, electronic filing, getting a refund, avoiding audits, estate taxes, filing your return, property taxes, recent tax law changes.

Wills and Estate Planning

Writing a will, dying without a will, writing a will, avoiding probate, living trusts, will mistakes, naming heirs.


Legal Documents @ Lawyer-free prices

Featured Legal Articles

Cars & Tickets
  Buying, Leasing or Renting a Car
  Traffic Tickets: Fines, Suspension, Insurance Rates

Criminal Law
  An Overview of Criminal Law, and How Does One Gets Charged
  What Is Sentencing and How Does It Work

Debt & Bankruptcy
  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  Overview Of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  Correcting Credit Card Billing Errors

Divorce & Child Custody
  Getting a Divorce
  Child Custody and Visitation
  Child Support
  How To Change Your Name or Your Child's Name After Divorce

Immigration & Green Cards
  Coming to America: What You Need To Know
  Getting Immigrant Visas and Green Cards

Internet Law
  Domain Names and Trademark Law
  How To Market Your Website Without Spam

Lawsuits & Mediation
  What You Need To Know Before You Sue
  Is your case eligible in Small Claims Court? How much can you sue for in your state?
  Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Marriage & Living Together
  What You Need To Know and Do To Get Married
  Premarital Agreements FAQ

Real Estate
  Getting A Mortgage
  Selling Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

Taxes & Audits
  Taxing A Small Business

Wills & Trusts
  Taking Inventory Of Your Assets
  The Basic Overview Of Estate Planning
  Why You Need A Will & How To Draft One

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