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Provide Vin Check buying tips on new and used car products and services. Guide on AutoCheck Used car history report, Kelley Blue Book, NADA and VIN number

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The Entertainment Book Reviews @ DMV

Entertainment's flagship coupon and discount book. Each Entertainment book contains thousands of dollars worth of "2-for-1," 50% off and other valuable discounts from local and national restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, attractions, hotels, resorts, airlines, travel providers, retailers, grocery stores, shopping stores, online mall and other merchants. More than eight million books are sold annually, with a cumulative total of billions of dollars in savings opportunities.

There are more than 160 local Entertainment book editions published annually, each containing hundreds of local savings opportunities at the very best fine dining establishments, favorite casual restaurants, popular chains, professional and college sporting events, golf, movies, attractions, car washes, video rental, grocery stores and dry cleaning. There's also a comprehensive travel section with significant savings at over 5,000 hotels and resorts, car rental agencies, major attractions and airlines.

The Entertainment book is a gateway to a complete membership package. This membership includes the offers within each book and enclosed membership card for use at fine dining restaurants, 50% savings at hotels and other special discount offers. In addition, registering one's membership at provides access to thousands of additional hotel offers, printable coupons, special online discounts and other member benefits. More reviews...

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SHOPPING - Online Shopping Mall, Home Shopping Network online store, discount, coupons, rebates, Christmas catalog, discount bargain shopping. Shop for music, gifts, flowers, magazines, novelties, and As Seen On TV products.




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