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Auto News: Sweetened consumer incentives, enhanced vehicle lineups and an improving U.S. economy lifted new car and truck sales in last November, automakers reported - source: Business AP. Most analysts predicted sales of new cars and trucks to rise last month from October and a year ago thanks to hefty showroom bargains, which are likely to continue for the remainder of the year. Many automakers also improved incentives to end 2002 as they tried to meet year-end sales goals. Also helping, analysts and automakers said, is a strengthening economy that bodes well for business heading into 2004.

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Vehicle history report or as commonly known as VIN number check or "AutoCheck Report" has been used by consumer and auto dealership to uncover past history record of any vehicle.

What is a Used car history report or AutoCheck Lemon Car Check?

Each auto vehicle history report displays the results of comprehensive search for: major accident damage; salvage or junk vehicles; damage from hail, flood or fire; mileage discrepancies or odometer rollback; gray market vehicles (vehicles manufactured for non-U.S. markets that may not comply with emission and/or safety standards - does not include imports originally made for the U.S. market.); lemon vehicles; vehicles designated as rentals, taxis or fleet usage; abandoned or forfeited vehicles; records of theft; liens that represent ownership interests or unpaid judgments. It will also check the registry for vehicle registration report date every time a car is registered at DMV across the state.

A "title transfer" at the vehicle history report mean there is a record change on the report. On the Free VIN Check this can mean:

  • the vehicle owner added or substracted another party (family, friend, business partner) to the car title ownership and shared the ownership - "the vehicle has not changed hand".
  • the vehicle owner changed the title ownership from personal to business "company" car or the other way around.
  • the vehicle owner sold the used car to another party - "the vehicle has changed hand".

Where this vehicle history report information is coming from?

The source of this vehicle history report is coming from many different sources. The DMV History Check data of Free VIN Check tool use more than 175 data sources - the largest number of vehicle history report resource. This sources are cross-referenced by the software program on the system for accuracy.

Every vehicle has its own vehicle identification number or VIN. Auto history report are posted on the database according to its VIN. When people got into car accidents, a police will write the accident report. The police will let the party involved to notify the auto insurance. The auto insurance company will send a department of motor vehicle "DMV" accident notification form when the vehicle damage is more than $500 (this may vary from state to state) or when there is at least one injured party in the accident. This notification is sent to all the parties involved in the accident by their own auto insurance company. And it is required by DMV. This report will be recorded and posted on the vehicle history report - Free VIN Check.

If there is a mismatch - "different" or "wrong" - information on the vehicle report data, the system will "red flag" the car and check for potential lemon case. When there is a potential odometer roll back because of different reported mileage on the car, it will be shown on the "vehicle history report". You can always go to this site to do free Lemon Car Check or get the unlimited 60 day access auto VIN number check.

Since more people buying new cars, there are also more used cars offered for sale on the market. With Internet growing popularity consumers has been using Internet as the source for searching information, shopping products and services. DMV History Check has been providing AutoCheck Vehicle History Report service via Internet since December 1996 - AutoCheck history. Consumers have been using AutoCheck Vehicle History Report since 1996, which was the first year it is made available to consumers. With the Internet access, consumers can gain the same instant access to vehicle history reports, which was already available to used car dealers via fax since 1986.


The AutoCheck database is the most comprehensive and accurate vehicle database in North America, containing 2.36 billion vehicle history records that are updated monthly - source, data provided and its meaning. Each record reveals information about a car's history, such as an odometer reading, date a salvage/junk title was issued, or if it was a rental car. The following are the data reported:

  • Totaled in an accident / Salvaged
  • Flood damage
  • Odometer rollbacks
  • Lemon histories
  • Junked Titles
  • State emissions inspection results
  • Lien activity, and/or
  • Vehicle use (taxi, rental, lease, etc.)
  • Over the last year, AutoCheck has added several enhancements to its report and to its user websites to better serve the needs of used car buyers and sellers. The Safety and Reliability Report is free with the purchase of Unlimited AutoCheck History Reports and includes information such as: crash test results, safety recalls, reliability ratings, warranty information and more.
  • AutoCheck vehicle service report provide Safety data on the specific make, model, and year.
    This information will help you select a vehicle model that meets your expectations for safety and security. - Safety & Reliability Report
    • Crash Test Results - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides 3 different ratings - full-width frontal crash test, side impact crash test, and rollover resistance. The frontal crash test indicates how well the safety features and restraints will protect an occupant in a head-on collision. The side-impact test conveys the chance of a severe chest injury, while the rollover resistance rating estimates the risk of rolling over in a single vehicle crash
    • Crashworthiness - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) uses a frontal offset crash test to estimate the crashworthiness of a vehicle. These results are good indicators of how a frontal impact will structurally impact this Year, Make, Model.
    • Low Speed Damage Repair - IIHS conducts four 5 mph crash tests to assess bumper performance. These results convey how well this model's bumpers will protect the car body from damage in low-speed collisions.
    • Injury, Collision, & Theft rating index - sourced from the IIHS, Highway Loss Data Institute.
    • Safety Recalls - Print out of the manufacturer recall date, units potentially affected, NHTSA campaign number, defective part or component, and description of the recall campaign.
  • Reliability data are shown on your AutoCheck Report.- Safety & Reliability Report
    Use this information to check how reliable a vehicle model is before you buy.
  • get Unlimited AutoCheck vehicle history report

We appreciate our customers and friends who have sent us thank you letters for helping them avoid buying lemon cars and giving them assurance once they found their dream cars. Thank you for your continued support that has made us the top visited auto site for car buying guide and good luck in your car search!

After 30 days or 60 days depending on your choice of membership, if you still haven't found your dream car and need more vehicle history report, you can renew by going to our site after your account has expired. Please bookmark our site now and refer us to your friends.


When should you run AutoCheck Report Lemon Car Check?

Always DO a DMV History Check when:

  • You want to trade in or sell your used car, it will help and give great assurance to prospective buyers to make purchase decision as soon as possible by showing them a printed complete vehicle history report of your car.

  • You want to buy a used car from auto auction, Ebay Motors, used car dealer, and private party event though you know and trust the seller. Because sometimes the seller don't even know that the car that they bought from another party was a lemon. We received many stories of surprised sellers when our customers showed them "problem" vehicle history reports from us.

Get used car history records




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Under the Lemon Law, you may be entitled to: a refund or replacement vehicle and payment of your attorney fees and costs. Not all states have been progressive in passing lemon law legislation, please select your state to read an outline of the options in your state.

Vehicle History Report and Car Lemon Law are explained in the following state and also Lemon law and attorney "lawyer" listings directory.:


What is AutoCheck Vehicle History Report and How to use it in making wise buy and sell used cars decision?

Consumers today have more choices than ever before when shopping for automobile. With the Internet, they have access to a virtual library of information to help in decision-making process. It is not uncommon for a customer to know more about a particular product or service than the private seller or salesperson selling it. Buying a used car should be fun. The more information you have, the more confidence you'll have when you negotiate for that potential used car. There's never been a better time to buy a used vehicle. We hope this AutoCheck 101 guide will help you find the perfect mint vehicle for you - one that makes you want to drive, just for the fun of it.

In response to our customers' request on learning how to read (decipher) and use AutoCheck effectively and efficiently; DMV History Check provides you with in-depth guide to AutoCheck Vehicle History Report or many of our customers called it AutoCheck 101. In this section you will learn all the terms or jargons, frequently asked questions and testimonials on AutoCheck . When you see a blue link, click to read more information on that topic.

What consumers look for when shopping online

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Salvage File
A full AutoCheck Report can uncover if this vehicle was damaged in a major accident or wreck. These damaged cars are often sold to buyers without disclosing the problem past.

Based on J.D. Power and Associates survey, Vehicle History Report are the top 10 items consumers look for when shopping online. The relliability and safety information reports (both are included in the AutoCheck Report) are also in the top 10. We appreciate million number of consumers who visited and continue referring as their source of buying used car information.

The following are the top 10 items:

  1. Prices of used vehicles
  2. Vehicle Reliability Information - Available on your AutoCheck Report
  3. Trade-In Values
  4. Prices of New Vehicles
  5. Vehicle History Reports - Available on your AutoCheck Report
  6. Safety Information - Available on your AutoCheck Report
  7. Dealer Cost/ Invoice Price of New Vehicle
  8. Options/Features available on Vehicles
  9. Performance Information on Vehicles
  10. Road Tests/ Articles About Vehicles

J.D. Power and Associates surveys show that roughly two out of every three people who'll buy a new car or truck this year will begin the shopping process online. In the used car market, where a sizeable share of vehicles are sold on corner lots or swapped within a family, nearly half of all buyers will spend at least some time doing their homework on the web. Accross the board, the online automotive shopping experience has been steadily improving over the years, consumers report. The Internet offers consumers unique resources never before available.

The Internet offers consumers unique resources never before available. Once secret data, such as vehicle history report, recall, reliability and safety data are now readily available through our service.

AutoCheck Vehicle History Report help eliminate the general frustation with finding a good, reliable, previously owned vehicle.

How to use Car History Report and Kelley Blue Book in buying or selling a car decision?

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Lemon File
Many states across the country have Lemon Laws to protect consumers from buying a bad car. A full AutoCheck Report can help you avoid these problem cars.

Since the day AutoCheck Vehicle History Report was made available to public, consumers now can gain an insight of what was going on through a vehicle usage history. This is the day when certain unscrupulous used car dealerships that sell shady used cars feared of. These unscrupulous dealerships make tons of money buying and selling salvaged, previous major accident, lemon status "problem ridden car", government or financial institution seized cars that they bought from auto auction. These dealerships have been growing really big because the consumers did not know that they can have access to a vehicle history data. Since you already found our site, you have the power to help your friend and families from getting conned by those dealership.

Automobile consumers have been using AutoCheck Vehicle History Report as essential source of evidence on a specific car history when buying or selling used car. Running a complete AutoCheck Report is the first step that people do after they scanned and select potential used cars. The detailed results from the report search and check help customers narrow down the number of potential cars that they are interested to pursue.

Kelley Blue Book help facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers by offering Kelley Blue Book used car value prices. This blue book value price can be used as your guidance for the "reasonable" market price for used cars with that make, model, year and option.

The vehicle history report that you pull out from AutoCheck can be used to investigate that particular car information pertaining to a vehicle's title, registration and usage or driving habit of the previous owners.

A clean history record will have a positive effect on the car market value. A blemished record will have an adverse effect to the car resale value. Another important things to consider is to always do at least 100 plus points service inspection and ask for previous service maintenance and repair record. Using all of the above information you have a powerful car fact to back up your decision,

Sellers of used cars should at least run 1 car history report when they try to sell their vehicle. These are for their own safety precaution that there have been no reported problems on their vehicles. In many cases, some sellers got embarrased when their potential customers showed them AutoCheck Vehicle History Report which listed the cars they were trying to sell were lemon.

As a buyer : when you see a clean record you are more confidence in the bargaining process for your dream car. This vehicle history report play an important role when you compare many identical vehicles, especially when the sellers are from far away. First, you need to enter the VIN number to our AutoCheck Lemon Car Check from each car you found on the used cars classifieds from Internet, magazines, or newspapers. Next print them out to do a comparison. This car fact report should help you weed out many cars that have questionable records. Start from the car that has a perfect record and go step by step down to the car that has questionable record. Then just contact the person with the car that meet Kelley Blue Book value price range. If the car is located far away, you should ask for recent pictures of the car and a fax of the recent service maintenance receipt and mechanics note on the car. Then, determine the the car value worth based on all information you just gathered and compared to similar car that has similar history. Next, contact the owner to fill out missing information based on the vehicle history report. Finally, you need to decide the value weight you put on each car and start to bargain the car that has the best value.

As a buyer: you will be able to sell your car faster when you are upfront to the potential buyers. Do a used car history Lemon Car Check, you can buy either 1-single report if you don't need to buy a used car to replace your existing car or you can buy a 30 days of unlimited report when you are going to replace your car with a preowned car. Show the print out report to potential buyer and explain potentially questionable records, such as lease, auction, commercial vehicle, finance status, discrepancies in the number of previous owner based on title transfer (a title transfer does not always mean a transfer of ownership, it can be an adding or substracting a personal individual or commercial business party name). Don't be unprepared when a potential buyer already print out his own Car DMV History Check and Kelley Blue Book value estimation. Use the combination of the report and blue book values to determine the acceptable fair market value and be confidence when you stand your ground on your offer price.

Please read more discussion on Resale Value

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Odometer Check
Odometer File
Odometer rollback fraud costs car buyers thousands. A full AutoCheck Report can identify potential odometer fraud before you purchase.

The following are frequently asked questions.

  1. Why can I not obtain a AutoCheck Report on vehicles made before 1981?
  2. What do I do if I do not have access to my AutoCheck account email?
  3. I'm shopping for a car, what do I need to know about extended warranty?
  4. What do I do if I forgot my password?
  5. How do I purchase AutoCheck Reports?
  6. How do I change my password?
  7. Does AutoCheck supply previous owners' names?
  8. When do you flag a rollback?
  9. Rollbacks vs. rollovers
  10. How do I use my AutoCheck Report?
  11. How do I access my 30 day AutoCheck account?
  12. Does AutoCheck Report on accidents?
  13. I'm a AutoCheck account holder and would like to run another Report.
  14. AutoCheck Certified Cars - what is that?
  15. What is a commercial vehicle?
  16. How do I report a potential error in the data on the Safety & Reliability Report?
  17. What are Manufacturer-Recommended Maintenance Schedules?
  18. Did the AutoCheck Report meet your expectations?
  19. Can I get another 30 Day Unlimited account?
  20. How do I find VIN number for the vehicles I'm interested in?
  21. What is a Fleet Vehicle?
  22. What is the AutoCheck Free VIN Check?
  23. Can I get a AutoCheck Report for free, please?
  24. Do you report on Grey Market vehicles?
  25. Are car accidents covered under AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee?
  26. What is the AutoCheck Buyback Protection guarantee?
  27. How do I go about making a claim against AutoCheck 's Buyback Protection guarantee?
  28. Are apparent rollbacks guaranteed by AutoCheck ?
  29. What guarantees does AutoCheck offer related to its service?
  30. Can I submit information for inclusion of the AutoCheck Reports?
  31. Why is my VIN numbers coming up invalid?
  32. What does the AutoCheck Free Lemon Car Check service tell me?
  33. Please tell me about AutoCheck 's Free Lemon Car Check
  34. What is the proper definition of the term "lemon"?
  35. Can I track a car on AutoCheck using the license plate number?
  36. On AutoCheck Report shows Lien still active?
  37. How long does it take to get my AutoCheck Report?
  38. Why does the Report say my Mercedes or BMW was made in 2001?
  39. Can I get my money back?
  40. What are the Terms and Conditions related to the Money Back Guarantee policy?
  41. Lemon Car Check vs. No report?
  42. Why does the report in question not show a rollback?
  43. Are odometer readings guaranteed by AutoCheck ?
  44. Is there only one charge for the 30 day accounts, or do I pay repeatedly?
  45. Will a AutoCheck Report tell me how many owners a vehicle has had?
  46. How do I set up a password?
  47. Does AutoCheck accept personal checks or money orders instead of credit cards?
  48. Police Accident Reports
  49. Does AutoCheck supply previous owners' names?
  50. What is AutoCheck 's privacy policy?
  51. Does a AutoCheck Report show recall information?
  52. Are service work and repairs listed on AutoCheck Reports?
  53. When do you flag a rollback?
  54. Rollbacks vs. rollovers
  55. How do I run a Safety & Reliability Report?
  56. What's the Difference: History Report vs. Safety & Reliability?
  57. What information is available in the Safety & Reliability Report?
  58. How long do I get access to Unlimited AutoCheck Safety & Reliability Reports?
  59. Why is no data available in some of the sections of my AutoCheck Safety & Reliability Report?
  60. How do I order a Safety & Reliability Report?
  61. The Safety & Reliability Report is not available for my VIN - Why?
  62. How can I share my AutoCheck Vehicle History Report?
  63. Will AutoCheck Reports tell me if a car is stolen?
  64. 30 Day Unlimited AutoCheck Account again?
  65. Why does the VIN decode as X when the vehicle is really Y?
  66. I've got a VIN and would like to order a Report
  67. What is a VIN?
  68. Can AutoCheck tell me if someone ran a given VIN previously?
  69. Warranty Calculator
  70. Do you report on Motorcycles, RV's, Boats, or Dump Trucks?
What to Do if You Get a Lemon? back to top
Shocking Stats
Only 32 states require a learner's permit before a driver's license.
Only 15 of those 32 require the permits to be held for a minimum length of time.

Auto manufacturers have to buy back a disproportionately high number of vehicles due to various lemon laws. According to Kiemmel & Silverman law firm, there are about 25,000 lemon vehicles bought back by auto manufacturers each year, nationwide. Even if that number is extremely conservative, it underscores the fact that only a tiny fraction of the more than 16 million vehicles sold annually turn out to be lemons.

What is a lemon car?

While most of us know one when we drive one, the impartial eyes of the law may see things differently. In fact, individual states vary in defining which vehicles qualify as lemons and what manufacturers must do to satisfy consumers.

All 50 states and the Distric of Columbia have their own lemon laws.

Lemon Laws are explained in the following state and also Lemon law attorney "lawyer" listings directory.:

STATE LEMON LAWS: Colorado Lemon Law Idaho Lemon Law Louisiana Lemon Law Mississippi Lemon Law New Jersey Lemon Law Oklahoma Lemon Law Tennessee Lemon Law Washington DC Lemon Law
Alabama Lemon Law Connecticut Lemon Law Illinois Lemon Law Maine Lemon Law Missouri Lemon Law New Mexico Lemon Law Oregon Lemon Law Texas Lemon Law West Virginia Lemon Law
Alaska Lemon Law Delaware Lemon Law Indiana Lemon Law Maryland Lemon Law Montana Lemon Law New York Lemon Law Pennsylvania Lemon Law Utah Lemon Law  Wisconsin
Arizona Lemon Law Florida Lemon Law Iowa Lemon Law Massachusetts Lemon Law Nebraska Lemon Law North Carolina Lemon Law Rhode Island Lemon Law Vermont Lemon Law Wyoming Lemon Law 
Arkansas Lemon Law Georgia Lemon Law Kansas Lemon Law Michigan Lemon Law Nevada Lemon Law North Dakota Lemon Law South Carolina Lemon Law Virginia Lemon Law  
California Lemon Law Hawaii Lemon Law Kentucky Lemon Law Minnesota Lemon Law New Hampshire Lemon Law Ohio Lemon Law South Dakota Lemon Law Washington Lemon Law  


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